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Data Partners

Digital Lending Platform

Bank Partners

Data Partners


Our Data Partners provide domain-specific data which is packaged with our scoring models

AdalFi Digital Lending Platform


Continuously upgraded AI based scoring model deployed to banks

Federated credit scoring: Learns from repayment events at all partner banks. Each bank benefits from the entire network

Highly configurable: Banks retain control over underwriting parameters

Digital Customer Journeys

100% digital, real-time credit disbursement with pre-built 60-second customer journeys

Plug-n-Play platform integrates with Bank’s Core Banking and Digital platforms

Zero Cost Lending expands viable customer pool by 10X

Bank Partners


Banks use the AdalFi Digital Lending Platform to give 100% digital loans in real-time

How our partners benefit

Grow your consumer & SME portfolio

Zero Cost Lending expands viable customer pool by 10X

Score your entire existing portfolio and use our models for new customers also

Tap new SME segments via our Data Partners

Lend to creditworthy customers

Predict risk with our proprietary scoring models

Assign limits using our data-driven algorithms

Retain control of credit underwriting parameters

Deliver real-time credit journeys

24/7 loan disbursement

Average disbursement takes 37 seconds

Fully model-driven approvals

Complete loan cycle from origination through liquidation

Customer Journey

1Real-time credit limit decisioning
2Input of desired amount on app
3Disbursed in 37 seconds(Average disbursement time, July 2022)

Our Numbers

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