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Consumer and SME
Credit Needs

  • Working with 14 banks, we enable all major unsecured credit products for consumers and SMEs.

Revolving Credit Loans

  • Empower your SME customers to generate business growth with revolving credit loans
  • Revolving Loans (Running Finance) are integrated with your Core Banking platform
  • Increase customer satisfaction with instant approval and real-time access to funding lines

Credit Cards

  • Streamline the credit card approval process with AdalFi’s credit scoring technology
  • Our platform pre-approves and scores prospects for credit cards, providing your customers with seamless access to credit
  • Drive customer acquisition and retention with AdalFi’s credit card solutions

Term Loans

  • Expand your portfolio and drive revenue with AdalFi’s term loans
  • Our platform provides flexible loan terms and affordable rates, helping you stay ahead of the competition
  • Diversify your product offerings and grow your business with term loans enabled by AdalFi

Salary Advances

  • Provide your salaried customers with the financial support they need with AdalFi’s Smart Advance product
  • Our platform pre-approves salaried individuals for short-term loans linked to their salary and credit score
  • Drive employee banking loyalty and satisfaction with AdalFi’s salary advance solutions

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