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A Seamless, Intelligent,

Digital Lending Platform

  • Enabled by our proprietary AI-powered credit scoring model, the AdalFi Digital Lending Platform identifies, qualifies, engages, activates and delights lending prospects for our partner banks.

Quickly Identify And Qualify Prospects

  • AdalFi’s proprietary technology scores transactional data already possessed by banks
  • Our advanced AI-powered models deliver personalized credit scores for every customer
  • AdalFi’s innovative platform provides banks with a competitive edge in the lending market

Digitally Engage Prospects

  • AdalFi partners with banks to credit qualify their existing customers rapidly
  • Our next-gen growth marketing tools enable banks to reach qualified prospects with ease across multiple channels with personalized messaging
  • Our integrated Experimentation framework allows banks to efficiently engage qualified customers with high-conversion targeted messages

Seamlessly Activate Customers

  • Sign up is a breeze: all your customer needs is their CNIC
  • AdalFi’s platform provides pre-built plug-and-play, high-converting customer journeys that increase adoption and usage

Immediately Delight Customers

  • AdalFi’s digital lending platform enables real-time disbursement of loans
  • Our seamless integrations with major banking platforms eliminate friction in the loan process
  • End-to-end application capture, credit decisioning and loan disbursement takes less than 60 seconds

Join the Financial Revolution